patent no. us 5 138 967 • 1992-2002 Simpson Lawrence Ltd.

Certified high holding power (HHP) , extreme corrosion-resistance, mirror polished
Certified high holding power (HHP) , extreme corrosion-resistance, mirror polished

The Delta Anchor, a never-ending success story...

The Delta Anchor was designed by Simpson-Lawrence Ltd. in 1992 to anchor oil rigs in the harshest conditions of the North Sea and North Atlantic. The anchor has a weighted tip that aligns itself with the ocean floor. It is type-approved by the Lloyds Register Hamburg and has high holding power (HHP) on almost every anchorage.

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Our Delta Anchor LR V5A Dublex is made of marine stainless steel which is mirror-polished and extremely corrosion-resistant. The manufactured Anchor has a weighted molybdenum-steel tip, through which the anchor practically aligns itself on the ocean floor. The excellent material properties are regularly classified by Hamburg Element Materials Testing and make the Anchor practically indestructible.

Properties of the DELTAANCHOR LR V5A-Duplex

  • It is a self-aligning anchor thanks to its highly weighted molybdenum-steel point

  • Very easy to enter into anchorage

  • Very good holding power for most anchorages

  • High holding power (HHP) as certified by the Lloyd's Register type test

  • Largely resistant to veering winds and changing tides

  • Largely resistant to shock loads from the impact of waves and squalls

  • Can be used with most bow designs

  • Production in a Hamburg manufacturing facility

  • Highly weighted V5A molybdenum-steel point

  • Hand-finished stainless steel in V5A marine quality with extreme corrosion-resistance

  • Mirror polished, it is very easy to remove silt and clay from

  • Corresponds to the Lloyd's Register type test

  • Finely modelled fluke edge angle for optimum holding power

  • Lifetime warranty

  • With a 90-day money-back guarantee

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Steel quality classified by Hamburg Element Materials Testing 

  • The Lloyd's Register has certified the high holding power (HHP) of this anchor